The Kundalini

Near the end of December 2013 I was recommended a book by a co-worker called The Serpent of Light by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Later I would find it significant that the person who recommended this book was a Jehovah’s Witness named Angel.

The book is about the Kundalini Serpent of the Earth and it’s journey from Tibet to the Andean Mountains as well as the balance of the masculine and feminine energies during this transition. Just like humans have an electro-magnetic field around us, so does the Earth.

The Kundalini Serpent is a well of energy that sits at the base of the spine for humans (the Root Chakra), and through meditation/yoga you can experience Kundalini rising, where the Serpent travels up the spine to the Crown Chakra, eliciting profound spiritual growth. I had some experience with Kundalini Yoga in the past, so this is what I related the Earth’s Kundalini to- a pocket of energy, but not just energy, it’s the Sacred Divine Light that moves through the Earth’s Chakras and keeps the balance. (This is a very brief overview- if you’re interested in Kundalini check out this article.)

I had just started reading this book when my parents had a massive panic about nuclear fallout and wanted to leave California. They talked about moving to the desert, maybe back to Phoenix where my sister’s were born, but could only convince us to go on a trip to the Grand Canyon. I’m not sure if they thought once we saw the beauty we’d want to move there, but that’s the best they could get from us.

The nuclear fallout panic goes back to the Fukushima Accident in 2011 after the big earthquake and tsunami. At the time of the earthquake I was going to community college. I remember the ‘Love for Japan’ campaign my school did, selling t-shirts to raise money for the disaster relief efforts. My parent’s weren’t worried about the Nuclear Fallout then- it was too far from home.

Fast forward 2 years- my mom started following alternative news sources on Facebook and started watching the tide maps. Everything she was reading said that 2013/14 was when all of the nuclear waste that washed into the ocean would finally reach California’s shores. My parents were convinced that everyone would start getting cancer and wanted to leave Cali before it was too late.

I was attached to my brand new job and my sisters were attached to living where they’ve always lived; we didn’t want to leave. So my dad convinced us to just take the family trip, get out of the area for a bit a see what it was like. It only added to their case when we received my aunt’s diagnosis the day before we left. And then we did leave.

My dad drove this big RV he got for the trip, and we all piled in. As we traveled our path started aligning with the travels in The Serpent of Light. Drunvalo starts the book with traveling all over Mexico/Central America (and I believe Hawaii) to sacred locations and preforming rituals that balance the masculine and feminine energies, allowing a clear passage for the Kundalini Serpent. As we reached the Cali/Arizona boarder Drunvalo’s travels also turned to the Mojave Desert and his path to the Four Corners. Though our destination was different the moments were aligning in a magical way. I read about him visiting the cliff dwellings in Arizona and the next day we visited Montezuma Castle National Monument. My mind was expanding.

I didn’t see it yet, but me and my family were on a spiritual pilgrimage. I was still in this reality, still in this plane of consciousness, but soon I would start slipping, reality would be pealed back. And then later that year, one day in September, I would walk outside naked, and the police would take me to the hospital.

5 thoughts on “The Kundalini

  1. My path is very similar to Drunvalo and there is a Maori, or Waitaha, shaman in the book that I met once here in Texas named Macki. Macki went with a good friend of mine, Nancy Moore, to sacred sites all over the world. Drunvalo went to New Zealand to meet the Waitaha Grandmothers, but the Grandmothers all came here to San Marcos Tx to perform a ceremony on Oct, 28, 2011. I have also been twice on sacred journeys with Don Alejandro, the Mayan Grand Elder. Drunvalo did the same journey and learned the same things I learned from Don Alejandro.


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