Eagle’s Lesson


An Eagle soared low over my head today as I was getting in my car after lunch. From the corner of my eye I saw it sweep right over me and circle. I turned to watch and it was coming right at me. I felt a shiver of awe and a healthy amount of fear on seeing it so close. It was so big and majestic, just a few feet above my head, then it swooped up, circled my house, back around and left behind some trees.

I’m learning to listen to the signs around me, and this was so big it was impossible to ignore. I live in a residential area, this isn’t common.  It was such a stunning display. Dear Eagle, what message do you bring me? What lessons am I to learn? What vision will be brought fourth?

Some messages to consider:

“Believe in your ability to satisfy the hunger.”

“Mental and emotional shapeshifting is sometimes necessary if we want to grow and learn. ”

“You are being asked to give yourself permission to be free in order to reach the joy that your heart longs for.”

“Eagles, as a species, mate for life.”

I look forward to experiencing the connections, and will share more as I gather understanding. Thank you Great Spirit for your messages ❤



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