I’m on my way

During my dark night I just barely caressed the coattails of the divine. Now I try to translate the lessons. I wonder what more is out there. What else will I learn? I do believe there is an end to suffering, so why do I let my actions continue the pattern? Why do I lay […]

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What about the bad stuff?

Even as I integrate my dark night and begin to understand the divine unfolding, a small voice in my head still has to ask- “What about the bad stuff? What about that sticky dark tar at the bottom of your soul?” Because the lessons I learned didn’t come from walking slowly through the mud and […]

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Redefining Enlightenment

Before my Dark Night I equated Enlightenment to Godhood, much in the same way a child equates their parents to a hero. Rather than being an attainable goal, it moved further and further a way, until it was just a twinkling of hope. Like Heaven in the Christian tradition, it became something I suspected was […]

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My Enlightenment

My Enlightenment was both everything I wanted it to be, and nothing like it. Even though I got the answers to what I was seeking, for awhile I resented the answer, I resented the way it was delivered, and so I denied it was anything more than a glitch in a broken mind. My entire […]

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A new intention

Sometimes I have bad days. Days where my emotions sweep over me and I play back the unhealthy stories from my childhood. Days where all of my wisdom becomes inert knowledge in the back of my mind and all that I concentrate on is the sharp point of fear. Where my compassion takes a back […]

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The Ground of Being

Saturday was a journey…. I’m still integrating. There was a meditation/talk at the local Dharma Center on ‘The Ground of Being.’ I didn’t think I would make it. I had plans with my boyfriend and his friends, but the title called to me. I’ve been sensitive lately, so when my boyfriend wouldn’t look up from […]

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