I’m on my way


During my dark night I just barely caressed the coattails of the divine.

Now I try to translate the lessons.

I wonder what more is out there. What else will I learn?

I do believe there is an end to suffering, so why do I let my actions continue the pattern? Why do I lay resistance in my own path? I’m slowing down today, willing to feel every moment. I don’t know what the day will bring. Connection or separation?

Connection I hope.

I intend to connect. To my heart. To my soul. To my inner being.

I’m undergoing deep healing. I’m getting ready to accept love. To accept life. Some days I still waiver on whether I have the energy or will to live. But I promise here, this is my vow- I will live. I will accept love. I will grow. I’m on my way. I recognize my divinity.

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