In Light we Balance – Lunar Eclipse

Moon turns red during total lunar eclipse

Many in the world will witness our Mother Earth’s shadow pass over the Moon today. She will fade from silver to red and spend the longest time in Earth’s shadow than she will for the rest of the century.

This ‘Blood Moon’ was often seen as a bad omen in ancient times, but barring some terrible calamity I’ve been wondering what other wisdom we can glean from it.

Shadows are often feared. Darkness, the unknown, is scary. Anything could be hiding there- a vagabond, a thief, poisonous spiders, wild beasts from our nightmares. When it comes to the shadows of our psyche there’s even deeper fear. We don’t like peering into the dusty parts and looking at our shame, our worries, our suppressed desires or explosive anger.

For a moment, a long moment, Earth will have the opportunity to see her own shadow.  There is opportunity for deep healing there. Even though it can be scary to look at the darkness in our own hearts, the only way to be complete is to bear witness with unconditional love. For so long we have been shunning these pieces, saying ‘No, I don’t want you, I don’t need you, go away!’ It is time for another route.

Today I want to honor Shadow. Today I want to honor Balance.

Thank you darkness for creating sanctuary, a place to rest.  Thank you shadow for cooling us when the heat is too much. Thank you shame, for teaching compassion of self and others. Thank you fear, for caring so deeply for our well being. Thank you anger for loving us so damn much and knowing that we deserve only the best. Thank you rage for demanding our needs get met. Thank you pain for witnessing that which needs to be corrected and sending such clear messages. Thank you. I send love to you, to Shadow, to Darkness. All the love in my heart spills forth in your honor. You deserve to exist. It is only with your balance that we can survive. I honor you.

On this day that so much of the Earth witnesses the shadow, some of us stand in the light. Many in North and South America, Canada and Greenland will not bear witness in person today. In South America there will be a partial eclipse viewable, with North America fully in the light, unable to glimpse the shadow other than through digital streaming. Again, I am called to wonder- what purpose do we play?

The Earth is not only seeing her shadow today, she is also, as always, bound to the Sun. Today She is in complete alignment with both Heavenly bodies. Even in times of darkness, when all light is blocked, there is still a part directly facing the light. Balance.

Today the Americas are the balance point, holding space in the light while our brothers and sisters face the shadow. While we love and honor the shadow, we also know that living there too long is not the way. Without any light all life would cease to exist. We must witness the shadow and return with renewed strength. Today the Americas shine forth with the message that the sun will rise again, the darkness will pass. Our brothers and sisters can safely face and honor the shadow. In turn, they will provide a balance point for us. Each in it’s own time.

Today I would like to honor what is: the Light that always exists, inspiring and awakening, the Darkness that always exists, resisting and resting. May we all learn this dance with grace and joy. May we hold space where needed, no matter the continent. May each of us in turn face the shadow, bow in honor, and rest in the knowledge that the light never left us, it was just waiting on the other side, always with us in complete alignment.

One thought on “In Light we Balance – Lunar Eclipse

  1. Beautiful. Really appreciated the ‘thank yous’ to Darkness for its sanctuary, coolness, etc. (and if recent studies on LED lights and too much light exposure in general are any indication, the healing necessity of darkness is being remembered and recognized a bit more). xo

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