Greetings from Vulture


My drive to write has slowed a bit lately, but 3 vultures in my path today got me to pick the keyboard up.

When I got home from work the streets were clean. I left to run an errand about 20 mins later and a freshly killed squirrel with guts splayed lay in the middle of the rode perpendicular to me as I exited my cul-de-sac.

“Okay,” I said out loud. “I have no idea what that means.” I made a mental note to stay aware. I didn’t take it as a bad omen, but it’s definitely a message of some kind. I ended up treating myself to lunch and stopping by a ‘Gratitude Market’ to see what was inside. It was an eclectic new age consignment shop with crystals, palo santo, cute hippy clothes and such.  The employee there was the exact opposite of what I was expecting.

I was inspecting the crystals when I heard a long sigh and looked up to see a blasé ‘Why am I here?’ type of stare.

“Long day?” I asked.

“Yes,” was the resounding answer. We chatted for a bit, and I was almost tempted to leave. He really wanted to talk about all of the ‘weirdos’ he’d seen enter the store, from a group of furries, to a man in a trench coat that said he was from the future, to a woman who called him a ‘mother killer’ and ran out. I got the sense that the store he was working at wasn’t really his thing. It made me a little uncomfortable to hear him complain so much.

Having worked with adults on the spectrum before I also wondered if he had autism, or Asperger’s, because he had a similar cadence to his speech, and a socially awkward vibe going. That thought made me stay. Empathizing with a potential social disability made it easier tune in and listen to him, whether I was correct or not. I let him share whatever he felt like sharing, cracking jokes and even buying a cute dress to support the place (I went in with the intent to window shop). Overall it wasn’t too eventful, but after the shop I didn’t feel like running errands anymore. They weren’t super pressing so I decided to leave them for another day. I headed home.

Turning into my cul-de-sac I saw vultures had taken the squirrel from the perpendicular street and pulled it into my street. There was a vulture at the entrance that flew left, to a fence, when I pulled up. Another vulture was about 15-20 ft away, eating the squirrel in the middle of the rode. A flash of movement to my right drew my attention to a third vulture. As I inched forward the two vultures on the fences flew away. The one in the middle of the rode stared at me. It didn’t want to budge. I rolled slowly forward, getting closer and closer, and finally he flew to the fence.

I came inside and started writing. I just walked onto my front lawn and I can see 2 of them now on the rode. I feel a message very loudly, almost on the tip of my tongue, and I’m just not sure what it means yet. Something about purification maybe.

Stay posted… I’ll let you know how this develops 🙂

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