My Luminous Self: Continuing Vulture’s Lessons


As a follow-up to Greetings from Vulture I’d like to share the rest of my evening yesterday, as the purification that occurred was indeed a gift from Vulture and Wiracocha, through the vessel of don Oscar Miro-Quesada.

After my post yesterday I began preparing for a meeting I had with a friend. I’ve been breaking into the field of freelance web development (I also have a day job as a web developer / client support), so we were going to meet and discuss his website and how I could help him. After cleaning up I began meditating on my intentions for the meeting. I wanted to help clarify his vision and ground his creative ideas. I really enjoy organizing and guiding people to help bring their dreams into reality.

I felt inspired to light some Palo Santo, so I walked around my house in a clockwise direction smudging and setting intention. I settled in front of my computer and started researching some websites in his field to get a clearer vision of direction. Soon the time of our meeting passed and he sent me a message to let me know he’d be about an hour late. The energy didn’t feel right to me, it was cutting into my evening/dinner/relaxation routine, so I asked to reschedule, and I am very happy I did.

With my evening freed I was able to watch a free live stream video event with don Oscar Miro-Quesada on the Shift Network titled Your Luminous Self: Discover Ancient Shamanic Practices to Activate Your Light Body for Healing, Vitality & Spiritual AwakeningThe experience was transformative and deeply healing. At times I was both laughing and crying as deep knowings were transmitted.

don Oscar is the originator of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition cross-cultural shamanism. I was introduced to this lineage through one of his sanctioned teachers, Heather W. , back in Spring. During the weekend apprenticeship I immediately felt at home in the traditions. There was a deep resonance with the ceremonies and cosmological perspective of an animated universe. Having only taken the first weekend so far in the 5-part apprenticeship I’ve been meditating at my mesa and connecting with my teacher whenever I can to stay in alignment and balanced with the traditions.

I joined the Shift Network’s mailing list shortly after the weekend apprenticeship, but this was the first video event I joined in. Through the livestream don Oscar opened a sacred space and led us through connecting to our light bodies. I didn’t know how deeply his transmissions would affect me, especially over the computer, but it was overwhelming. He speaks with pure intention and love. I can barely sum up what he covered, in every sense we entered a different realm. It may have not been a physical realm, but it was a deep emotional realm, where I felt his magic touch my soul and heal deep wounds.

Realizations I had during my ‘manic episode’ surfaced and integrated into a deep knowing that all was perfect and exactly as it needed to be. That was when the laughter and tears came- there was so much joy in accepting everything exactly as it was.

don Oscar blessed us with a transmission to empower a sacred healing object. He used a condor feather to blow Palo Santo smoke toward the web cam and directed us to do deep breathing while he spoke in Quechua. I felt an unexpected shiver in my body, and light flowing to me. I didn’t realize that so much loving energy could be transmitted to so many people over modern technology (there were over 11,000 registered according to a follow up email from ShiftNetwork). It amazes me, and brings me such joy to know that as I go deeper into shamanism and connect to my light body, I may also be granted these healing gifts, in whatever fashion they appear to me. I feel blessed and enlivened by the experience.

After the transmission to empower our healing objects don Oscar addressed a couple questions, the first being ‘What does it mean to be a hollow bone.’ I laughed out loud joyfully- how frequently I’ve been contemplating this lately- the idea of being a ‘hollow bone,’ how could I achieve this and what did it mean? I didn’t read the event description thoroughly, so I had no recollection that this was going to be addressed. Such beautiful serendipity.  don Oscar explained that the ‘hollow bone’ was largely a North American ‘Turtle Island’ terminology, and compared it to the South American/Andean idea of being a ‘hollow reed.’ He spoke about the idea of ayni – sacred reciprocity –  a balance of giving and receiving.

I could go on and on about the beauty in the event, but I’ll leave it here. If it calls to you, click on some of the links above and learn for yourself. As for me, I give deep gratitude to Vulture for arriving on such an auspicious day, and clearing my way to deep healing and purification. As a note, this morning there was no trace of the dead squirrel or the vultures, all had been cleansed.

Gracias mi harmano Vulture. Gracias don Oscar. Gracias Wiracocha.

Munay ❤

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