Lucid Dream


A few nights ago I had a vivid lucid dream. I’ve tried to induce lucid dreams in the past but was never entirely successful. There have been a few times that I was aware of dreaming, but as an observer, unable to control the direction. This experience was entirely different, and revealed itself with no conscious intention on my part.

Alas, I didn’t record the dream directly afterwards, so the memory has faded some, but I’ll try to record it here.

I recall having a very clear perception of being in the dream, and making a conscious decision to really pay attention, I wanted to see. Most of my dreams have strong emotions/feelings, but fuzzier imagery. I’m a feeler by default, it takes more concentration to see. In this dream it happened instantly though. My decision to pay attention was like looking through binoculars and dialing to the exact clarity I needed.

A river was raging in front of me, but it was peaceful, I love water. I was in a meadow, surrounded by mountains. There were some boulders on the other side of the bank.

“This is the Ukhu Pacha,” the knowing came upon me. “I’m in the inner realm.”

The meadow was tranquil. The imagery was so vivid it felt like I was awake in this place, but I stood taking it in with the knowledge that I was inside myself.

And that was it. The rest of the night I dreamed of other things, too fuzzy now to recall.

I’m left with a sense of wonder, and the possibility that this was just a brief introduction. I look forward to getting to know the Ukhu Pacha, and to return for exploration. I am so grateful for the arrival of this lucid dream. It’s presence is precious.

Munay ❤

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