I design mobile-responsive websites that are user-friendly and visually stunning. 



SkyCreekDharmaCenter.org was a volunteer project. For this WordPress managed site I updated to a mobile friendly theme and used theme editing, custom css styling, and plug-ins to give it some unique zest.


AutismLifespan.org was about 70-80% complete when I became involved. I worked in Dreamweaver to help with finishing touches like the Lifespan Center page, logo placement, mobile-friendly menu, and other small details. Monthly maintenance involved updating the site with events and newsletters.


LittleRedHen.org is a Shopify-managed site that I managed for 2 years along with AutismLifespan.org. This website was complete when I took over, however I made many edits to the theme templates, learned to code in Liquid to provide new features, periodically updated the homepage with a new layout, and made many more changes over the past 2 years to keep it beautiful and mobile-responsive, including some graphic design. The current screenshot is of the layout for Valentine’s Day 2018.

About Me

My name is Carissa Marie Wyles. I live in Chico, CA. I’m amazing.