The Phoenix (Rising)

It’s been a minute since I last felt the inspiration of words flowing, itching to get out. The winter was a long one. The cracks in my heart are finally starting to thaw. I feel something new blossoming from the crevasses. These lyrics came out today. Maybe the chorus of a song… The Phoenix will […]

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Vulture’s Message

After I witnessed Eagle’s Lesson I continued to wonder if it was really an Eagle I saw, or if it was a Vulture. I was so in awe of the wingspan and power as the bird flew toward me that I didn’t take the time to notice it’s face. I didn’t recall seeing the telling […]

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When I claim my Enlightenment I’m not trying to down play the severity of some of the pain and hatred that was released during the Awakening. When you’re in ‘psychosis’ you can be a danger, you can become violent, and thank god I wasn’t abused growing up or maybe I would have done worse. As […]

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What about the bad stuff?

Even as I integrate my dark night and begin to understand the divine unfolding, a small voice in my head still has to ask- “What about the bad stuff? What about that sticky dark tar at the bottom of your soul?” Because the lessons I learned didn’t come from walking slowly through the mud and […]

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Redefining Enlightenment

Before my Dark Night I equated Enlightenment to Godhood, much in the same way a child equates their parents to a hero. Rather than being an attainable goal, it moved further and further a way, until it was just a twinkling of hope. Like Heaven in the Christian tradition, it became something I suspected was […]

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My Enlightenment

My Enlightenment was both everything I wanted it to be, and nothing like it. Even though I got the answers to what I was seeking, for awhile I resented the answer, I resented the way it was delivered, and so I denied it was anything more than a glitch in a broken mind. My entire […]

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