Awaiting Inspiration

The days are passing so quickly and as I hold my breath waiting for it slow down, I find my lungs on fire, ready to burst. The world is not slowing around me. Every chakra in my body has blockages. The root to solar plexus are so bogged down that barely an energy is trickling […]

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A Letter to my Father

I don’t know if my dad will ever read this, but in writing it I feel a piece of me mending. If any of my family reads this- I’m sorry I aired it so loudly. I couldn’t heal while hiding this.  Dear Dad, I don’t know where to begin or what to say. I want […]

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I’m on my way

During my dark night I just barely caressed the coattails of the divine. Now I try to translate the lessons. I wonder what more is out there. What else will I learn? I do believe there is an end to suffering, so why do I let my actions continue the pattern? Why do I lay […]

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